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We believe in the thing that has stood the test of time.

The thing that has proven its reliability.
We believe in GOLD
Gold is one of
the most demanded metals
on the planet

It was gold that became the basis of market relations between people

Gold has served people as money for nearly 2,600 years.

Paper money has been widely used only 11% of this time. It gained worldwide distribution only in the 18th century.

In addition to the financial sector, gold has been in demand in such industries as:

space technologies
and others

Why did gold become the basis of market relations between people?

The ancient Greek philosopher Aristotle listed 5 properties of ideal money.
Gold perfectly combines all these properties.

DURABILITY: gold does not rust and does not deteriorate over time; it can hardly be destroyed.
DIVISIBILITY: if a gold bar is divided into five equal parts, the price of each of them will be exactly 1/5 of the total price of the whole gold bar.
FUNGIBILITY: gold coins, made according to one standard, are always interchangeable.
PORTABILITY: an expensive gold bar or a coin can easily fit in the palm of your hand.
INTRINSIC VALUE: rarity, extraordinary beauty and the universal recognition of gold makes it a valuable medium of exchange.

Due to its unique characteristics,
gold attracted the attention of people
already in ancient times.

People had realized that gold was best suited for the role of the main financial tool and a measure of value of various commodities.

The first gold coins appeared already in VII century BC.

So, the yellow metal became money, giving rise to a new era in trade and economics.
“Money is gold, nothing else.”
John Pierpont Morgan, famous American banker

helped humanity
to explore new worlds

The precious metal encouraged the brave to discover new lands and expand the boundaries of civilization. Flows of immigrants flocked to the places where the yellow metal was found. Once uninhabited regions started to flourish, experiencing a rapid economic growth.

Thanks to gold, large cities emerged, such as San Francisco, Sydney, Johannesburg.

Over time, gold became
the main element
of the global economy.

In the 19th century, the gold standard system was introduced.
The yellow metal has become an accepted measure of value of national currencies.
This was facilitated by the unique properties of gold:
  • durability;
  • portability combined with high value;
  • worldwide recognition.

  • The period of the gold standard was marked by low inflation, the stability of exchange rates and the international trade boom.

    In the 20th century,
    the price of gold
    went up.

    After the abolition of the gold standard in 1971, the price of gold ceased to be fixed.

    In August 2020, gold set a historic price record, surpassing the $2,000 an ounce mark!
    Since 1973,
    gold has risen in price
    by almost 3000%
    Gold Price per Ounce
    Over the past 100 years,
    gold has become 80% more
    expensive than major currencies.
    US Dollar
    Japanese Yen
    Swiss Franc
    British Pound
    The reliability of gold has prompted
    millions of
    to purchase it
    for the sake of their savings protection.
    According to the World Gold Council, since 2001, the demand for investment gold has been growing at an average rate of 15% per year.
    “Only gold hoarders will survive in times of crisis.”
    Robert Kiyosaki, billionaire, world-renowned investor
    Gold is...
    Real wealth
    Gold is not a piece of paper
    and not just a number in an electronic database.
    It is the ultimate wealth in your hands.
    You can dispose of your gold at any time at your discretion and not be afraid that it will vanish due to the financial crisis or bank bankruptcy.
    Gold is...
    Global popularity
    Gold is a financial tool recognized in all countries...
    It is successfully bought and sold everywhere in the world. Gold can be easily and quickly converted into money.
    Gold is...
    Rarity and uniqueness
    Gold cannot be printed in any quantity like currency.

    Its quantity in the depths of the earth is limited.

    Due to this fact, gold will always be of high value,
    and the demand for it will only increase over the years.
    Fortune in your pocket
    Gold combines high value,
    portability and mobility.

    Several bars and coins
    worth thousands of dollars
    easily fit in your pocket.
    Disaster relief
    At tough times, both governments and ordinary people
    have always resorted to gold as a lifeline.

    No matter what happens, be it war, natural cataclysm or economic crisis
    — gold, as opposed to unbacked paper money, stays relevant.

    On the contrary, trust in the precious metal only enhances during hard times.
    Guarantee and inheritance
    The political and economic situation in the world is unstable.
    There is no guarantee that your state will be able to fulfill its pension obligations in the future.

    Having your own gold reserve gives you a great advantage later in life.
    Gold bars are also great for inheritance.

    Your descendants will undoubtedly appreciate acquiring
    such a valuable and highly demanded asset.
    The foundation
    of the welfare of countries
    Central banks around the world
    are actively buying gold for their reserves,
    since they understand that only this asset
    can provide economic resilience in the event of a crisis.
    Top 5 countries
    with the largest gold reserves
    German Federal Bank (Bundesbank):
    “Ask anyone in Germany what they associate gold with and, more often than not, they will say that this metal is synonymous with enduring value and economic prosperity.
    For the Bundesbank, our gold holdings, above all, make up a very large share of the country’s reserve assets and are a major anchor underpinning confidence in the bank. Gold is the bedrock of stability for the international monetary system.”
    Bank of France:
    “Gold is a highly sought-after precious metal, considered to be the ultimate store of value.”
    Bank of Finland:
    “Gold is the eternal payment instrument and has been used as a medium of exchange for thousands of years. Gold is a genuinely global means of payment that has maintained its value throughout history. Gold is the basis of a monetary system.”
    The modern
    world is
    volatile and
    The value,
    the reliability of which is undeniable, is gold.
    The noble metal will preserve and accumulate your finances, ensure decent retirement for you and help your children enter into adulthood with confidence.
    We believe in the thing that has stood the test of time.
    The thing that has proven its reliability.
    We believe in GOLD