Global InterGold
is a brand with a world-known name.
We are proud of what we have achieved.

Who are we?
Global InterGold
is a brand with a world-known name.
We are proud of what we have achieved.
In ten years, we have gone from a modest online store selling gold to the launch of the cutting edge high-tech online platform GIG-OS. We managed to create a global family, uniting clients from all around the world, and give them the opportunity to work with a product of the highest quality.
Our mission is to make investment gold accessible.
The Global InterGold
brand is known on five continents.
We use technologies and modern tools to help everyone on the planet create their own gold reserves and strengthen Financial Security.

Already now we are implementing ideas that will form the basis of digital business in the future.
Values and goals
The goal:
achieving Financial Security, creating a better world and improving the quality of life for our clients.
Financial Security —
the basis of prosperity and success, the freedom from fears for oneself and one's family, the confidence in the future and the ability to afford what you are dreaming about.
Our global goal is determined by our VALUES:
Caring for the quality of life of our clients.
Striving for self-perfection and wisdom.
A sense of security free from anxiety and worries.
Confidence in the future.
Smart and effective solutions.
Honesty, reliability and ability to keep our promises.
Leadership and management
Ethical and responsible actions form the basis of our values in everyday work. Our international team maintains the highest standards of business.
Our specially developed Leader's Code helps Global InterGold clients in various parts of the world find an ethical path to success!
The Code describes business conduct standards for Leaders. This is an effectual guide for making right decisions in business.
Gold - the source of Financial Security not only for companies and entire countries but also for every person, regardless of where they live.
During crises, people lose their savings, property or work.
Only gold retains its eternal value.
Our main tool is the precious yellow metal. We work with gold because it is the asset with a time-tested reliability.
Our pride
The gold of Global InterGold
Everyone in the world can purchase from us investment gold bars of the highest fineness from the best manufacturers.
Global InterGold branded gold bars weighing from 1 to 100 grams contain 99.9% of pure gold.
This is a worldwide recognized quality, thanks to which we have earned the trust of millions of clients.
"Aristippus' Gold"
The exclusive collection is
centuries-old wisdom cast in gold of the highest fineness.
The limited series of 25 gold bars is dedicated to the ancient
Greek philosopher, the disciple of Socrates — Aristippus of Cyrene.
Each gold bar is unique and reflects a part of the most valuable system of knowledge which is necessary to achieve success in life and business.
Cohesion and mutual trust allow us to achieve our goals no matter the circumstances. Support from like-minded people, business partners, clients and friends helps strengthening our positions and adapting to the changing realities of the 21st century.
Together we move forward and conquer new heights!
Every day we continue activities aimed at developing our gold business. The stability and reliability of Global InterGold contributes to the increase in the number of our business partners and customers all over the world.
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